Photo restorations


Old photos restored. Bring your old family photos that have faded, cracked, or even stuck to glass in the frame, to be fixed to look better than new. Be it they may be sitting in boxes, frames, or albums, they can in most cases, be restored. The original image is treated with the utmost care and returned undamaged. The restoration is done in house and is never sent out where it could be lost. The final image is created from a copy of the original and is printed on a variety of paper choices- be it fine art paper, photo paper, canvas and watercolor paper.

   Demetrios N. Fotos has restored or replicated all types of images, from the Civil War, ancient map collections from the 1600’s, family snapshots from the early 1900’s, modern color and b&w images. In addition, He has copied fine art collections from  famous oil painters, sculptures, and copied the collection of paintings from the artist Tom Lea for the book ‘‘The two Thousand Stare’’ in the Army museum  in Wash. D.C. He has also restored a 200 year old love letter so it can now be read easily.

   Demetrios will assist you in selecting the best type of paper for you’re antique or modern photographs. The correct paper will give the image an authentic look or the era of the image. These custom prints can last as long as 200 years with no fading as well, with proper storage or framing.


 Vintage boxer photo restoredBoxerRestored boxer image that was torn. Missing parts of the image were fabricated. The print was made on a fine art German made paper with a sepia color to match the original. Ball player photo restorationBall player photo restorationBall player in 1930's in Central Park, NY city. Photo was presented as a surprise to the gentleman in the photo. He had not seen the photo since it was taken.

Viet Nam photo restored and colorized from snapshot that was cracked, faded, and stained. possibleViet Nam photo restored and colorizedFaded war photo restored and colorized. A sky with clouds was added for artistic effect. The colors were matched from uniforms so to have the correct look as much as possible. The print was printed on a watercolor paper so the image has a hand colored look.